Cala Violina

South of Follonica, just 30 min from the hotel, is located the beach of Cala Violina. Windy and cool even in the middle of summer, this small beach is completely surrounded by lush mediterranean vegetation growing even nearby the sand.

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma, Cala Violina is accessible only by foot or by bike along a path that from the parking runs into the wood and then opens over the sea after 15 min. Once arrived you’ll find an incredible natural pool with amazing view over the Elba Island. The various blue shades of the sea merge with the strong colors of the surrounding nature giving birth to a really suggestive panorama.

Cala Violina owes its name to the particular “violin sound” the sand plays when trampled barefoot. It is a very light sound almost impossible to hear when the beach it’s crowded so the best period to visit it and listen to its music is spring or autumn when temperature are still pleasant.