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Aquarium Mondo Marino

The Aquarium Mondo Marino, less then 20 km from the hotel, offers you an interesting journey to discover underwater universe of the Mediterranean Sea and the tropics. Over 150 different species and more then 30 tanks perfectly fitted out to recreate the natural underwater environment of fishes: moray eels, bat fish, clown fish, sea horses and many others.

Among the main attractions of the aquarium there is the panoramic tank recreating perfectly a tropical lagoon in which are hosted blacktip reef sharks and gray bamboo sharks. The Aquarium is indeed seat of the Shark Studies Center that for years is involved in research activity in South Africa about the big white shark. Here visitors can admire 6 species of shark and even take part to their meal preparation.

Recently the aquarium has inaugurated Explora, a new educational path outside the building that allows you to make a journey back in time of 400 thousand years. Along the guided path are exposed 16 life-size replicas of prehistoric fish, dinosaurs and giant sharks already extinct.

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